Workshop Materials

Download workshop materials (as a zip file) here.

About CS4HS at Stanford

The Computer Science Department at Stanford University, with generous support from Google, is holding a CS4HS workshop June 27-28 in the Gates Computer Science building on the Stanford campus. The workshop is aimed at helping K-12 teachers and administrators learn more about computing through hands-on activities, presentations, and discussions with Stanford faculty, industry speakers, and other educators. The workshop requires no previous programming experience (although you will need to bring a laptop computer to participate in the workshop).

A preliminary workshop program schedule is available here.

Come Join Us!
There are many reasons to attend CS4HS at Stanford, including:

  • getting hands-on experience with new and easily adoptable computing materials
  • hearing talks from Stanford faculty and industry speakers about compelling research work in computing
  • discussing ideas and strategies with other educators
  • receiving a $150 stipend

Hands-on Experience
CS4HS at Stanford will emphasize hands-on participation, including a programming lab taught by Steve Cooper, Associate Professor (Teaching) in the Computer Science department. Steve has worked to develop Alice into a teaching environment for programming, widely used in the US and abroad. This lab will focus on teaching HTML/CSS, and also provide an introduction to PHP. Please note that you will need to bring your own laptop computer to the workshop.

At Stanford, these materials are used in an introductory computing course for students with no prior programming/computing background. The materials work either stand alone, as a unit to convey and demystify how computers work, or to create interest for students who might in the future want to take a full-programming CS course. The materials can be used with a middle school or high school audience, and can work as a stand along unit as short as a few class hours.